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About Us

Splendor mountain ownersNested in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tiger, GA just a one hour and forty five minute drive from Atlanta, is our welcoming home place Splendor Mountain.

When I was living in Atlanta, my heart yearned to be in nature daily. So I would load the dogs in the car and we would set out to a park or wooded area near home in the gorgeous Emory Forest. Then the day arrived when the blessings came down the property in Rabun County would be my next home. As it happened 75 acres became the place where I love living and working, I do feel blessed.

Since selling my home in Victoria Estates and moving here many wonderful life events have occurred. The major ones are I married an elementary school class mate Stephen Kelley and I became a grandmother. Love is all you need, after all.

Now there are others whose events happily happen here, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, life changing retreats and life affirming reunions.

Seeing how so many wonderful folks have stayed in the cabins or celebrated with couples, and seeing the smiles and hearing words,”It’s so beautiful and peaceful here.” keep us inviting and welcoming you, your family, your friends, your coworkers to COME enjoy the memory making moments at Splendor Mountain, Where Every Event is Always in Season.